Super Super64 is what Super64 was called when 1337Fox used his hacks on him for the final battle. Super64's moves all became stronger, including the fireball which could fire at a faster rate. In the end of the battle, Super64 won and it is assumed that the hacks were removed.

The moves were enhanced as follows:

  • Normal A Attacks: Stronger
  • Cape: Stronger as propelled Super64 much more
  • Fireballs: Fired at a rapid rate

Use of "Super" MovesetEdit

During most of the battle Super64 uses his super fireballs, and smash attacks. After being knocked off of Final Destination by Killa7, he supposedly begins to use the super cape, as advised by MewZERO in an earlier episode. By doing this he remains under the stage and unexpectedly preforms "the perfect sneak attack", by coming back up (again with the cape). He then goes on to win the match. Note that this was a sneak attack because Smashtasm is "played" per se from a first person view, and Killa7 would not see Super64 under the stage as in Melee.