Plumber Style!
Vital statistics
Title The Plumber
Gender Male
Character Mario
Status Moderator

Super64 is the main protagonist in Smashtasm, both in Season One and Season Two. He plays as Mario in default costume. He is considered a "n00b" by other players because of his lack of skill in the game and that he was tricked by Killa7's Tournament Scheme.

Super64 likes using items. He often makes long speeches, causing other players to leave out of boredom, or just because they want to be mean (or sometimes both). As of the second season, he has apparently been promoted to mod for defeating Greg. He is voiced by the creator of the series, Shippiddge.

Physical Description


Super64 introduces himself.

Because the Melee in Smashtasm is an online multiplayer fighting game, we never learn what the real Super64 looks like. Being a Mario player however, he looks just like the famous plumber in his normal clothing when logged in. We randomly assume he looks like Pierce "Shippiddge" Shipp.


Super64 is a naive newbie with a tendency to believe in clichés, but he means well. He is a quick learner, a good listener, and is very good at making new friends, though he usually gets beat up by them in the process of befriending them. His belief in clichés causes him to give generic speeches about friendship and heroism, which often bores people to the point where they either refuse to listen or just leave altogether. He is a very vengeful person as well, as seen when he goes on a journey to get back at Killa7, and in the crossover "Beans" he reveals he's bad at making insults in the song "We Will F--- You", a parody of "We Will Rock You" by Queen. He also seems to have changed slightly, stating that he doesn't do clichés (NOTE: Beans cannot be taken as canon, as none of the creators have said anything about the matter). He will always take on anyone, though he doesn't try to start fights (especially when he's trying to do something).

Character Biography

The Tournament Scheme and 1337f0x

  • "Hyrule Temple. This must be the place." - Super64, Season 1, Episode 1

Super64 meets 1337f0x.

Super64 started his adventure at Hyrule Temple in a server called "Ultimate Smash Tournament", run by Killa7. He was there for a tournament, which was just a ruse by Killa7

Super64's first appearance in scene one.

(A Bowser player) to raise his own ranking. Upon arriving at the server, Super64 was knocked out by Killa7, which sent him flying. He later landed on the Corneria stage where he met and briefly fought 1337f0x (A Fox Player who speaks primarily in 1337). After managing to knock him out once, 1337f0x befriended him and informed him that tournaments do not exist in the game and that Super64 fell for what is called "Tournament Scheme". 1337f0x then shows Super64 the way to get back to Hyrule Temple.

Hyrule Temple Battles

  • "Plumber Style!" - Super64, Season 1, Episode 2

Upon arriving at Hyrule Temple, 1337f0x leaves, and Super64 meets Link, a Link player who genuinely believes he is the protagonist from the Legend of Zelda games. Link teaches Super64 how to set match rules, saying if he doesn't agree to them, "You'ze-a gettin' banned". Super64 tricks him into a 1-Stock match and quickly defeats him by hitting him off the edge of the stage when they're right next to it, at which point Link attacks him for the cheap move. Luckily for Super64, a player controlling Ganondorf appears, and when Link rushes off to fight his "nemesis," he is beaten swiftly and easily. Upon talking to the Ganondorf player, Super64 learns she is a female player named BlakBerri, certified Smash Professional. When accidentally insulting BlakBerri, ("Hey Link, you just got OWNED by a CHICK!") she attacks him, and Super64 calls in 1337f0x to help. 1337f0x and BlackBerri have a battle shown offscreen, during which an intermission where trophies are shown off plays, and the battle results in a draw. BlakBerri gives them information on where to find Killa7, telling them he's in the same server as where he was before.


  • "He got away!" - Super64, Season 1, Episode 4

Super64 and 1337f0x track down Killa7 to Great Bay, but while Super64 is giving a speech about how Killa7 will not get away, Killa7 gets away. At this point, a green Falco player shows up, who is then revealed to be 1337f0x's old friend and partner, Greg. After speaking in 1337, which Super64 doesn't understand a "word" of, 1337f0x explains. Speaking normally for the first time, 1337f0x (after being interrupted by Super64 and Greg) tells the story about how Greg turned evil by wanting to use hacks to cheat at Melee and defeat all the pros, and 1337f0x stopped him after the Admins failed to do so. Greg and 1337f0x decide to have a battle then and there, so 1337f0x smashes Super64 out of the bay before they clash, as three characters fighting with hacks in a server will crash the server.

The Rap Sheet

  • "Don't say fine! Say Word!"
  • "Ugh...Word" - Pimpachu and Super64, Season 1, Episode 7

Super64 lands in the Fountain of Dreams stage, where he meets PrinceRok, a white Marth player from Scotland who calls Super64 "Lassie." After accidentally insulting him by calling him Irish, PrinceRok fights and horribly defeats Super64. When PrinceRok comments on how terrible he is at fighting and asks if anyone had ever told him that, an inaccurate flashback takes place of Super64 and 1337f0x on Corneria, where 1337f0x tells Super64 that he sucks, and it is revealed that Super64 only knocked out 1337f0x at the beginning because 1337f0x wasn't trying. After the flashback, Super64 responds that he didn't even want to fight PrinceRok in the first place. PrinceRok then asks why he came to his server in the first place, and Super64 recalls everything that's happened to him thus far on his journey. At this point, PrinceRok offers to take Super64 to a friend who can help him find Killa7, which Super64 gladly accepts.

PrinceRok takes Super64 to Mushroom Castle, where Super64 meets Pimpachu, a red Pikachu player who speaks like a gangsta. Pimpachu agrees to give Super64 Killa7's rap sheet if he can beat him in a fight. After failing to even touch Pimpachu because he keeps spamming his Down B, Pimpachu allows Super64 to fight somebody else for the Rap Sheet.


A shot of Super64's bomb throw right before it knocks Lamp off of the stage.

Later at Hyrule Temple, Pimpachu introduces Super64 to his "main man" Lamp, a purple Samus player who comes off as very slow witted and childish. If Super64 can beat Lamp, he can have Killa7's rap sheet. If not, Pimpachu gets Super64's password. An unnamed Zelda player then asks Pimpachu to go easy on Super64, which prompts Pimpachu to hit her. At this point, Super64 calls Pimpachu a poser, which angers him and starts the battle. After knocking each other out a few times, Lamp is about to beat Super64 for good, when a surprise intervention from Link, being chased by a horde of Kirbys causes Lamp to lose. Not one to go back on his word, Pimpachu gives Super64 the promised Rap Sheet, and Super64 goes off to hunt Killa7.

The Bet and Training

  • "Yes! Yes! I'm doing it!" - Super64, Season 1, Episode 9

Super64 messes with Killa7's head by showing up everywhere he is. Just when he's about to take his revenge, 1337f0x shows up and stops Super64, while Greg runs off with Killa7. 1337f0x then explains that he and Greg have made a bet to see who the better hacker is, not being able to hack themselves simultaneously without crashing the server, and that they'll give the two bigest n00bs they know their hacks to see who's best. 1337f0x chose Super64, Greg chose Killa7. 1337f0x then explains that Super64 will need training, and takes him to a Target Smash course.

At the target Smash course, Super64 is introduced to MewZero, a Mewtwo player who acts like a stereotypical Asian sensei, to train him with the hacks. But to fight with hacks, Super64 must first learn to fight without them. After a training montage including a valuable lesson on how the cape propels you forward, Super64 fights "himself," really another Mario player named Daniel. Upon succeeding, he is ready to fight Killa7.

The Awaited Match

  • "Let this be...our final battle!" - Super64, Season 1, Episode 10

Super64 and 1337f0x meet Greg and Killa7 at Final Destination, ready to fight. But then 1337f0x realizes that even if Super64 wins, Greg will still be evil. So, he raises the stakes: The loser of the match and the person they got hacks from is banned from Melee forever. Greg uses hacks to turn Killa7 into Giga Bowser, while 1337f0x turns Super64 in Super Super64, who looks the same, but with artificially enhanced abilities, including the cape and fireball.

After a long battle, Killa7 and Super64 are both down to 1 Stock, when Killa7 sends Super64 flying off the stage. In what appears to be a loss, 1337f0x cries in despair. Greg is about to ban him when, suddenly, Super64 reappears from the other side of the stage and knocks out Killa7, winning the match. He reveals to 1337f0x that he remembered MewZero's advice about the cape's propulsion capabilities. Greg, having lost the bet, refuses to agree to be banned, but is forced into it with the sudden arrival and attack of MewZero, who brought along BlakBerri, PrinceRok, Pimpachu, Lamp, and Link (the last of which didn't fight, and had no clue why he was there) saying "All have helped you on your journey. Now all will help you finish it". Super64 decides to end with a speech about friendship and talent, but 1337f0x questions it, and ends the season with "Lulz."

Setting Out Once Again

  • "You don't want to mess with me! I'm a mod!" - Super64, Season 2, Episode 1

Super64 after a mysterious unnamed Snake player comes in and snaps his neck.

After the events of Melee, Super64 is now a moderator. He is first seen telling his story to a Ness player, which quickly leaves as soon as possible. Then, Pakkery appears and tells him of a hacker in Skyworld. After talking about Pakkery's fake accent, he leaves to Skyworld. He soon learns 1337f0x is the hacker, and they exchange insane laughter. Then, they are kidnapped by a Dark Fox and Dark Falco duo named Gront and Grant. He then awakens in their hideout, boxed in. Despite "help" from Lamp he is still trapped. Then, a Snake player comes, frees him, (Which is probably a joke from Shipp's other videos which Snake snaps Sonic's and others neck) and snaps his neck. He is then able to escape, interrogate the kidnappers,(which Grant tries to cover it up but Gront tells all the right information) and dispose of them. Then, Super64 and Lamp set off to find 1337f0x.

A New Ally... Or Not...

  • "Are you coming on to me? In an online game?" - Super64, Season 2, Episode 2

After traveling through various stages, Super64 and Lamp get lost in New Pork City. Super64 is flirted with by a Zero Suit Samus, but Lamp is able to tell that it's a Spam-Bot, and disposes of it. After Lamp tells a story about how he knew that it was a Bot (which really has nothing to do with what just happened), Meta-Dark comes, who accidentally spills information about knowing 1337f0x's location, and keeps teleporting back and forth in an attempt to escape, until Super64 KO's him, Lamp asks why Super64 did that, as since Meta-Dark knew where 1337f0x was, they should have questioned him. Super64 is about to follow Meta-Dark, when Lamp is KO'ed by a Dark Sheik player working for Girem6, who offers to 'help' Super64 find 1337f0x.

Meeting Princess H

The Dark Sheik player leads Super64 to a Trap Portal, and she supposedly tricks him into going in by saying there is candy at the bottom, but it is revealed that it was just in her imagination. In real life, she's about to trick Super64 into going in, but Super64's kind and trusting personality cause her to turn good. She reveals her true form, Princess H. Princess H tells Super64 that there may be a way to stop Girem6, which she'll tell him "right after I finish pausing dramatically."

Executing The Plan

Princess H tells Super64 her plan: collect several items that will destroy all of Girem6's hacks when combined. It gets off to a shaky start, with Super64 angering Princess H by pretending not to hear her. Once the plan is in motion, they collect the first one with ease, with Grant and Gront supposed to be guarding it, but really goofing off. The second is also collected fine, despite being guarded by a world-famous security system. The third one is guarded by someone who demands to hear a racial joke, but Princess H deals with him. They encounter Meta-Dark, but they get out while Meta-Dark is talking about how they won't get out. The last item is collected by knocking out another guard who asks a riddle.

Multi-Dimensional Madness

NOTE: These events are from the crossover "Beans", which combined GuitarmasterX7's series Brawlgasm with Smashtasm and DexterBoy's series Wolf's Retarded Mission. It is currently unknown if these events are canon to the main story of Smashtasm.

"Wait, he was named Blackimar now?" - Super64, Beans

Sometime after all the events of Smashtasm Season 1, Brawl is released, and Super64 and all of the others get it. One day, Super64 is talking to 1337Fox asking why they aren't fighting in a game called "Brawl", when he gets forced into a portal to another dimension. In this dimension, he meets Link from the Brawlgasm universe, the Link from the Wolf's Retarded Mission/Peach's Slutty Adventure universe, and Captain Blackimar.

The four are asked by a mysterious voice to fight to the death, which they all refuse to do, and Captain Blackimar seemingly dies when they try to escape through a plot hole. Later, the two Links dub Super64 "Skippy", and after interrogating a demon, they learn where the voice that has captured them is located. The voice is coming from the Lord of All Things With Nipples, who looks like Ganondorf and sounds like Dan Green. Upon twisting Captain Blackimar's nipples, officially killing him, Super64 and the two Links attack the Lord.

The Lord then turns into his final form, a cross between a dragon and Chris Crocker, which proceeds to damage Brawlgasm Link and Super64 with its nipple beam, causing them horrible agony, which makes absolutely no sense on Shippiddge's part as Super64 is still on his computer. WRM/PSA Link has cut off his nipples before, so he attacks the dragon with an arrow, reversing its nipple beam. Super64 and Brawlgasm Link then attack it with their Final Smashes, saying that their nipples are "Infused with firey energy!", and destroy the foe.

At this point, the three return to their home dimensions, and Super64 is immediately greeted by 1337Fox, who leaves while he's making a speech. He is then confronted by RaustBlackDragon, creator of the Brawl machinima Dairantou Gaiden, as to why he wasn't in the crossover. Super64 states he has no idea who he is or what he's talking about, and ironically, RaustBlackDragon makes a long speech about why he should be included in the collab, but Super64 leaves during his speech, this is like when Super64 makes long speeches, he causes others to leave out of boredom, and the crossover ends.


This is a spoiler to the people who have not seen BS64 Being the older brother of Super64, Mega32 is also a total n00b in the game and only won his first match through continual jumping, eventually winning the match because his opponent, VixxenHaxxors, dropped the controller. Where he last left off, he's in a Team Battle with Zelda against KingKirb and Bubbles, an admin. More info as the series progresses.

Other Appearances

Aside from Smashtasm and its collaborations, Super64 makes cameos in other videos. So far, these include:

  • Super64 makes a cameo in an announcement by TomKitsune, creator of the series "Smash Fighter," where TomKitsune announces voice auditions for Season 2 of Smash Fighter. In this video, Tom thinks Super64 is one of the voice actors auditioning, when he really just wants directions to get to his studio to film Smashtasm. Tom helps him leave by having him yell "I'M RUNNING ACROSS THE STREET WITHOUT LOOKING BOTH WAYS!", which causes him to get sent flying away via hammer to the face from Judge Dedede.

Name origin

Super64's username comes from Mario's first 3d platformer, Super Mario 64, without the word 'Mario' in between.


  • Had Super64 fallen for Princess H's trap, he could have easily wall-jumped out.
  • The reason Super64 plays as Mario may be to reflect the fact that Mario is a prominent protaganist in many Nintedo games.

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