Smashtasm in Brawl is a Super Smash Brothers Brawl machinima created by SSBVET. All audio is taken directly from Smashtasm, and applied to the video, with a few exceptions in battle scenes. Unfortunately, the series has been taken down by the author, and cannot be found on Youtube anymore.

Smashtasm in brawl

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Since all audio is taken from the original Smashtasm, the cast is exactly the same.


Some stages and battles were different from the original series such as...

DUMMY ZoneEdit

Since Smashtasm In Brawl was made BEFORE SSBVET had hacks, he had to improvise. The change that he made here was a large one. At first, it was a created stage, boxed in, then done in the black plain parts of DK Classic stage.

Great BayEdit

Great Bay didn't make it to brawl, so once again, he improvised by using Delfino Plaza. The main reason this was chosen was the fact that in the episode Shipp had tons of angles of great bay. At the time, all SSBVET could get was Delfino Plaza angles.

Fountain Of DreamsEdit

Another stage that didn't make it, so SSBVET chose Spear Pillar to many reasons. One reason was that they had a similar color scheme and another is that their styles are similar.

Peach's CastleEdit

This was a popular stage, disappointing people when it wasn't in. It was replaced by Luigi's Mansion, which fitted the part well, but not to what Pimpachu claimed it was like in the original series.

Target TestEdit

Used in Episode 9, which SSBVET had hacks for, but he couldn't record matches in target test, simply because target test is set to go back to the character select screen, but in regular brawl, it tries to go back to the character select but it freezes.

Super64 VS LampEdit

The fight was COMPLETELY redone since it would be hard to quote every move. The reflected laser skit was there, though the rest was not.

Super64 VS Killa7Edit

This was the most different of all. Yes, the hacks of Super Super64 and Giga Bowser were used but the rest was different. The order that they die in is one way that they are different. Another way that they were different was how Giga Bowser died, which was suicide by spinning under FD. It will show the most different part in Episode 10 [part 2], which is how Giga Bowser dies.

Smashtasm in MeleeEdit

Smashtasm in Melee is a Super Smash Brothers Brawl machinima created by SSBVET. All audio is taken directly from Smashtasm Season 2, and applied to the video. There has been only one episode so far.

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