The Smashtasm Stream is a stream a stream created by shipp were everybody will just have fun and talk. There used to be Smashtasm Stream 2.0 and 3.0 but it was closed due to hackers, 4.0 was closed due to everyday "undefiend" attacks, and 5.0 was closed due to a recent election making evilshippiddige thhe new leader. But now there is Smashtasm Stream 7.0 and this stream will soon close during Summer 2009 because of another election where they'll be a new leader. We hope that 8.0 will not have to end but it is rumored that hackers are planning to attack once the stream moves to 8.0, this has not been proven yet.


The Smashtasm Stream was always a fun and enjoying place to chat. But now in 7.0, there has been many recent undefined attacks that have left the normals of the stream kicked for 10 minutes each. The only moderators effected by it was Volcanoclaw and Kiniest. Volcanoclaw was proven not guilty but through the carelessness of evilshipp, keeps getting demodded. Kiniest has taken his place. EvilShippiddige has been being unfair and is making people moderators by simply giving him money on Animal Crossing: City folk. We are hoping that the madness of the stream will stop once the election comes.

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