Pierce Shipp
"I am Shippiddge! I make the Smashtasm!"
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Pierce Shipp (AKA Shippiddge) is the creator of the machinima Smashtasm. He voices the main character, Super64, and does voice acting for other series, such as Popo on Dairantou Gaiden, and Lie-Guy in The Life of Shy-Guy.

First being known for "Sonic Logic", Shippiddge released this comic 2 years ago but never finished it because the demand, ironically, for more grew less, and less.

The Voices of the Shippleton

  • Smashtasm: Super64
  • Dairontou Gaiden: Popo
  • SmashOrama: Sonic
  • Animal City: Drake and Bill (Canceled)
  • Life of Shy Guy: Lie Guy (rumored to become an alternate Fry Guy)
  • The Farm: Mr.Sun (Canceled)
  • Friendly Fire (Canceled): One of the soldiers
  • The Last Tier War: Ganondorf (Canceled...?)
  • SmashMania: Super64
  • Silver Crisis: Mario
  • The Rise of Nook: Buck


  • Shippiddge used to make a sprite comic called Sonic Logic. The comic lasted about 35 strips and starred Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles traveling to the dimensions of other video games. However, the Sonic Logic site is now gone.
  • Shippiddge's popularity and works is constantly made fun of and parodied by BBsman22. This has started a very popular joke: I AM SHIPPIDDGE AND I MAKE THE SMASHTASM! But BBsman still respects him in his own way. It is noted that Shipp doesn't really care if he means it or not (but is really dying inside).
  • Shippiddge has been nicknamed Shippleton by the creators of Brawlgasm and Wolf's Retarded Mission, Guitarmasterx7 and Dexterboy124, respectively. The name was later used in "Smashwalker", a parody of Smashtasm made by Theinternetmaster1, where it is the name of Shippiddge's child. Dex has also used a variation of this name, "Nippleton," which seems to be a cross between "Shippleton" and "Nipple."...Like whoever typed that said, it SEEMS to be a cross.
  • Shippiddge, at one point, had an honor at #94 Most Subscribed (All Time) - Comedians.
  • Shippiddge fired some of the season 1 voice actors for various reasons. (along with their characters).
  • Shippiddge no longer voices in new machinimas (with a few irony).
  • Shippiddge recently signed a contract with Because of this, he is getting paid. Poorly, but paid nevertheless.
  • Shippiddge is no longer featured on Covenant Underground.
  • Shippiddge originally owned the Smashtasm Stream from 1.0 through 5.0. After getting bombarded with spammers, fanboys, and "undefined," he decided to have an election on who would own the stream. It was mainly between Shipp clone EvilShippiddige and up-and-coming machinimist SSBVET. EvilShippiddige won, however, after seeing how many people didn't enjoy his job as owner, gave it up to SSBVET. He then gave it up to StinkyCheeseAuthor after getting bombarded.
  • Clones of Shippiddge have appeared Starting mainly with November 2008. Many people have been fighting over whether Shipp clones are right or not and if Shippiddge himself likes them. Most claim that Shipp enjoys them because they are "a sight of his popularity." Many Shipp clones are being made even as we speak.
  • Smashtasm was the first SSBM (and SSBB) machinima with voice actors.
  • Shippiddge's Smashtasm Extra, "Knock, Knock" was the first Brawl machinima using the US version of Brawl.
  • I AM SHIPPIDDGE AND I MAKE THE SMASHTASM started from an inside joke between a group of friends on skype. Co-creator of the joke was Guitarmasterx7.

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