Princess H (Dark Shiek)
Princess h
From first glance, you wouldn't realize how mentally unstable she is.
Vital statistics
Title Allie, Former Bounty Hunter
Gender Female
Character Zelda (blue)/Sheik (dark)
Status Ally to Super64(Former Bounty hunter)

Princess H (short for Princess Hentai) is a character seen in the second season of Smashtasm. Currently she has only been seen in two episodes. She is a main character in Season 2, and it is unknown how her role will play out later in the season.

Princess H is a former bounty hunter who was hired by the Gear Hack Force to lead Super64 to the Trap Portal and get him to fall in, leaving him unable to stop them. She is voiced by Hnilmik.

Character AppearanceEdit

Princess H originally took on a Dark Sheik appearance, but when she revealed herself as who she is, she revealed herself as a blue Zelda player.


Judging by how she acts, she might either have a very large temper, or is psychotic, as she went into a ramble about how she was going to kill Super64. It is also possible she just likes to pretend, as she claims she is just kidding right after shouting at Super64 in Episode 3. She does however, mention there is another half of her brain, leading to the conclusion that she is schizophrenic. During the end of Smashtasm episode 4, she seems to take in interest in Super64.

Character BiographyEdit

Enter Dark SheikEdit


Dark Shiek grapples Super64 in her imagination before shouting at him about "forgetting where he was taking her."

Princess H is first seen towards the end of the second episode of the second season of Smashtasm disguised as a Dark Sheik. She takes Lamp out and sends him flying when Super64 has his back turned, and then tricks him, persuading him to follow her, claiming she knows where his friend 1337f0x is.

Between the events of the second episode and the third episode of Season 2, she leads Super64 to a trap, eventually arriving at "The Trap Portal," a bottomless pit. However, when she sees how much Super64 trusts her, she finds herself unable to let him fall into the trap, so she fesses up and tells him not to jump. He questions her, and she reveals herself as Princess H, transforming into a blue Zelda form. She then offers to tag along with him to help find Girem6 and defeat him.

The New PlanEdit

While on the ground somewhere, Princess H tells Super64 that she has a plan to defeat Girem6. Apparently, Girem6 created six special encrypted items that if collected, would form a detonator that would destroy all of his hacks if it were to come in contact with him. After having an arguement with Super64 over him not listening and holding a sandwich for some strange reason, the two go off onto their journey. They eventually find all of the peices and Princess H asked Super64 if he believed "love could bloom on the battlefield". To test the theory, the two heroes go to the Battlefield stage. Super64 says no, thus ending this part of their adventure on an awkward note.


Dark Sheik seems to be a plot device used to bring Super64 to Girem6, or otherwise into a confrontation with the Gear Hack Force. In Episode 3 she lures Super64 to trap, and Super64 trusts her. Seeing how much Super64 trusted her to lead her to 1337f0x, she decides to reveal her true form, a blue Zelda named Princess H. She then joins Super64's team in search of 1337f0x.


  • The "H" in her name stands for Hebrew. Proof:
  • So far, she is the only character to canon-ly know the narrator, let alone argue with him.
  • Princess H is believed to have hacks considering she easily beat Lamp, and could change both character and color at the same time.
  • When Princess H is Dark Sheik she looks like a ninja. This is suitable because ninjas are deadly assassins.
  • Other than Lamp, Princess H is the only character in the series to know of the narrator's existence.
  • She is Jewish.


Being that Princess H has not been seen in battle, it is impossible to determine her battle prowess, and therefore a strategy to defeat her cannot be properly decided.


  • Who are YOU talking to?
  • "You stupid ingrate! How could you forget where you were taking me!? I have half a mind to come to your house and beat you mercilessly until your carpeting smears with endless crimson streams of my infallible rage!! AND THE OTHER HALF OF MY MIND WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT ME TO KILL THE FIRST HALF!! THE BRAIN DAMAGE YOU HAVE IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE COMPOUND FRACTURE I'M GONNA GIVE TO YOUR SKULL!!!"
  • "Nobody cares about the Narrator!"
  • "Why don't you get off of your high horse for like, two minutes and consider that we can get along just fine without you?! You're not even funny! You spoil every single line! I bet you're not even a real character! You're nothing! I bet you don't even own this game!"
  • "I'll tell you right after I finish pausing dramatically."
  • "NO!!! SHUT UP!!!"
  • "SPARTA!!!"
  • "I WILL RAPE YOU!!!"
  • "Where you get that Sandwich?!"
  • Hey! Wait a minute that's not a turtle! That's an armadillo!
  • Oh Rudy! you are such a tool!

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