For the blade!
Vital statistics
Title Scottish Swordsman
Gender Male
Character White Garb Marth
Status Player
PrinceRok is a Scottish player and is not to be confused with an Irish player. He

Enter PrinceRok

constantly calls others "lassie" and obviously has a Scottish accent.

PrinceRok uses Marth, but with a white color variation. Throughout the story, he sees wire frames in front of him that do not exist. According to Pimpachu, he attempted to defeat 20 wire frames in Cruel Melee due to the Sonic & Tails Rumor, but could not, and has been "seeing them everywhere."

He was last seen on the Final Destination stage after helping Super64 defeat Greg. He is voiced by MikeyJC. Shippiddge confirmed he will not return in Season 2, due to the fact that his voice recording taking too long.

Physical AppearanceEdit

PrinceRok uses a white-colored Marth as his player.

Likes: Super64, Pimpachu, fighting with his sword

Dislikes: People that makes fun of him, being mistaken as an Irish.



PrinceRok is a very good Smasher, and is Scottish. He tends to belittle others by calling them "lassie," especially Super64, but this now seems to be a term of endearment. He also has a mental problem, constantly seeing Wire Frames thanks to the Sonic and Tails hoax. His catchphrase is, "FOR THE BLADE!"

Character BiographyEdit

The Sonic and Tails RumorEdit

Around the time Melee was released, EGM presented some fake screenshots saying that Sonic and Tails were in Melee, and you could unlock them by defeating 20 Wire Frames in Cruel Melee. PrinceRok believed it, and after months and months trying, he now sees Wire Frames everywhere he goes. Pimpachu met him before this event, possibly around the time of Smashtasm BS64, making PrinceRok one of his oldest friends.

Crash LandingEdit

  • "Did you just call me Irish?" - PrinceRok, Season 1, Episode 6

Super64 was sent flying by 1337Fox when he was about to battle Greg, and Super64 wound up in PrinceRok's server. After a long conversation, Super64 accidentally calls him Irish, which prompts PrinceRok to pummel him. Afterwards, he asks Super64 why he even came to PrinceRok's server if he didn't want to fight, and Super64 tells him the story of Killa7 and his quest for revenge. PrinceRok tells Super64 a server to go to, but when a Wireframe appears behind him, he decides to come along.

Fighting the WireframeEdit

  • "It's that Blood-ugly Wire Frame!" - PrinceRok, Season 1, Episode 6

PrinceRok introduces Super64 to Pimpachu, who can help him find Killa7. While the two are getting acquainted, PrinceRok sees another Wire Frame and proceeds to fight it, and the result of his fake battle is unknown.

Banning GregEdit

  • "So, what are you gonna do now, lassie?" - PrinceRok, Season 1, Episode 10

After Killa7's defeat, PrinceRok is one of the friends of Super64 summoned by MewZERO to ban Greg. He tells Super64 that he and the others are there to help him when he needs it, and his final line in the season was "So what are you gonna do now lassie?", which prompts Super64 to give a speech about friendship and skill. After the speech, 1337f0x knocks PrinceRok out of the way to talk to Super64, but he manages to grab the edge of the stage, saving himself.

Greg's ReturnEdit

When Super 64 was kidnapped by Girem6 (who turned out to be Greg.) PrinceRok could be seen with Pimpachu watching Greg's message to 1337F0x whether they actually care enough to help is another unknown, however.

Trivia Edit

  • He uses a white costume varition of Marth.
  • The name "PrinceRok" could come from the fact that the fighter that he uses is Marth, who's considered to be a prince in the Fire Emblem series.
  • Shippidge claims he will not reappear in Season 2.
  • PrinceRok made a cameo appearence in Season 2 Episode 5, watching Girem6's message with Pimpachu.

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