Vital statistics
Title I know people.
Gender Male
Character Pikachu in a cap.
Status Player
Pimpachu is a protagonist in Smashtasm Season 1. He plays as Red Pikachu who wears a

Enter Pimpachu

hat. Pimpachu tries to act like he is a 'gangsta', but this mostly just annoys everyone, and at one point, Super64 called him a poser. He also spams the Down B, Thunder, when opponents run at him.

PrinceRok, a friend of his, introduced him to Super64, who needed some codes from Pimpachu. Pimpachu agreed that he would give him the codes if he won in a fight against his 'home dawg', Lamp. If Super64 lost, he would have to give his password to Pimpachu.

He is apparently the pimp to an unnamed blue Zelda player. Pimpachu is voiced by Autobot71Ironhide.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Pimpachu is a Red Pikachu player, meaning he wears a red hat reminiscent of Ash Ketchum of the Pokémon anime's hat and also that of the original playable character from the first Pokémon games.


Pimpachu acts like a modern day gangsta and pimp, so he is very selfish, obnoxious, and loud, and his tendency to speak in the Gangsta Vernacular annoys many people. He is also easily upset, and angered if you call him a poser, but soon recovers back to his happier attitude. At the same time, he is loyal to the few friends he has, and actually longs for more.

Character HistoryEdit

He's Pimpin'Edit

"Yo, homedawgs! Welcome to my crib!" - Pimpachu, Season 1, Episode 7

Pimpachu seems to have a bit of a name in Smash, with a tight group of friends he refers to as "His Posse", which included PrinceRok, Lamp, and an unnamed Blue Zelda player (Note: Lamp seems to be more of a lackey, but the two share a friendship, and the Zelda player seems to be more of Pimpachu's slave, as he hits her). And then one day, PrinceRok brought a new friend into the fold...

Rap Sheet ShowdownsEdit

Pimpachu 2

Pimpachu questioning Lamp in Smashtasm in Brawl, an unofficial remake of Smashtasm episodes.

"Ergh! I don't need this! You don't own me! You're not a gangster! You're nothing! You're a... a... POSER!" - Super64, Season 1, Episode 8

Pimpachu's extensive network allowed him to come into possession of the tournament n00b's rap sheet, Killa7, which can show where he is at any time and allow somebody to instantly appear there. Knowing this, PrinceRok brings Super64, seeking vengeance on Killa7, to Pimpachu, who was at the time located at Peach's Castle. Pimpachu agrees to give Super64 the rap sheet if he can beat Pimpachu in a battle. Super64 agrees, but fails to even touch Pimpachu due to his spamming of his Down B, Thunder, every time Super64 gets close. Stating he's too skilled for Super64, he allows the newbie to fight his best friend Lamp instead. But this time, there's a new agreement. If Super64 wins, he gets the sheet. If Pimpachu wins, he gets Super64's password. Pimpachu decides on very few items for the match, to which Super64 objects. An unnamed Zelda player working for Pimpachu stands up for Super64, asking him to go easy on the newbie and allow him more items. Pimpachu then hits her, at which point Super64 calls him a poser. This angers Pimpachu, and he tells Lamp to show Super64 how much of a n00b he really is. After a close match involving a surprise intervention from Link and a horde of Kirbys, Super64 defeats Lamp. Pimpachu, now calm, keeps to his word and installs the rap sheet for Super64 and tells him that he only has to push a button to use it.


  • "Hate the player dawg, not the game" - Pimpachu, Season 1, Episode 10

Pimpachu later appears after Super64 beats Killa7, helping Super64's other friends beat Greg by using Thunder. When Super64 thanks them all, Pimpachu says "No problem Dawg. It's like, we yo posse and all that. Straight up feeling dawg! Word, it's like-" where MewZERO cuts him off, stating that's why he almost didn't bring him, because of how annoying his speech is. Pimpachu responds, "Hate the player dawg, not the game".


Note: The following took place in a collaboration between Shippiddge, GuitarmasterX7, and DexterBoy, so it may not be canon.

"Oh snap! It's a bomb!" - Pimpachu, Beans

One day Pimpachu is spending time alone at Luigi's Mansion, when 1337Fox and Brawlgasm's Snake show up, unnoticed by Pimpachu. Snake sees that Pimpachu is an animal, and tries to eat him. First he tries placing a bomb next to Pimpachu, but he notices it and tosses it off-screen. Then Pimpachu sees a piece of bread and runs over to it, at which point Snake blows up some C4 Pimpachu was walking over. Snake runs over to Pimpachu to not only discover that he's still alive, but can talk, and runs off saying he's not going to "deal with this any longer than I have to". Pimpachu then asks 1337Fox why he's hanging out with Snake, to which he responds, "I dunno. Since Super64 left, I needed someone to follow". Pimpachu says "You can follow me, dawg.", to which 1337Fox laughs and leaves. Alone again, Pimpachu starts to cry to himself, saying "I just...want... friends yo".

The Chronicles of Pimpachu and LampEdit

The Chronicles Of Pimpachu and Lamp is a prologue to Smashtasm Season 2 created by Lamp's voice actor, Matt Vargas, and starring the two characters' original voice actors. It follows Pimpachu and Lamp's misadventures against Greg, his boss G.O.D., and Greg's sister EmoticonWolfXD, certified Smash professional. Pimpachu was in the second episode, but was voiced by a different person, and was killed by a car.

Fun FactsEdit

  • It is confirmed that Pimpachu will star in Smashtasm BS64.
  • He and Lamp were the first to get Brawl.
  • In some parts, he has a slight antagonistic role.
  • It has been confirmed that Autobot71Ironhide (Pimpachu's voice actor) has recently gone through puberty and is not be able to do Pimpachu's voice again.
  • In another series Olimar's Epic Journey by TaFutureBoy, Pimpachu appears after the credits before he got bombed by a bob-omb. Then an unknown King Dedede character shouted with (slight?) joy that he's finally dead.
  • Pimpachu made a cameo appearence in Season 2 Episode 5, where he and PrinceRok are watching Girem6's message to the people of Smash. It is unknown if this means he cares enough to help Super64, though.
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