You've got mail!
Vital statistics
Title Mailman
Gender Male
Character Blue Pit
Status Mail Carrier

Pakkery is a recurring character who debuts in the first episode of Smashtasm's second season. Pakkery's character is Pit. He appears to inform Super64 about any mail he gets from the admins, and possibly gives mail to other characters as well. He also pretends to have a British accent, but is really American. His character was released to the public prior to Season 2 in a puzzle Shipp created.

Character AppearanceEdit

Pakkery uses Pit's light blue color scheme. It is of note that outside the game he is American and fakes his accent, so he probably looks like a casual American.


Pakkery is a mailman of sorts for Smashtasm. It is unknown his status in the game, or if he is the only one. Pakkery fakes a British-Australian accent and is very defensive when others try to say that the accent is fake.

Character BiographyEdit

Your AssignmentEdit

"Hey now, whats this? My accent isn't fake!"


"It's not fake!!!" - Pakkery & Super64, Season 2, Episode 1


Pakkery sighs in relief that Super64 walks away.

Pakkery first appears with an assignment for Super64. He mentions a hacker in a server of Smashtasm. Super64 thanks him and walks away before telling him to drop the accent because it sounds really fake. Pakkery defends his accent, claiming it's not fake. After Super64 runs away, Pakkery regards Super64 as a "dick," but it turns out that Super64 hasn't left yet and heard that. Pakkery responds by shooting an arrow at Super64.

Your PresentEdit

"King Dedede!!! I loved you in Kirby 64!!!" - Pakkery, Christmas Special


Pakkery throws Super64's package off the side of the stage to receive his own present.

Pakkery appears once more in Smashtasm's Christmas Special. He brings a package (a Pitfall Seed) to Super64, in which Super64 says he has a present for Pakkery. Pakkery chucks the pitfall seed off the side of the stage. He wasn't using his fake British accent before throwing Super64's package away.

Super64 returns with a large present box. Pakkery tries to open it but can't. Super64 then tells him the present actually was the box and was to help him carry packages easier. Pakkery says that this is one-sided as Super64 destroys the box. Super64 then tells Pakkery that Santa is behind him, and then Pakkery says that he knows it is really King Dedede in a red outfit, like Santa. Super64 then repeats that it is King Dedede dressed up like Santa, to which Pakkery turns around, wowed, in awe of King Dedede. Then, he's knocked off the stage by Dedede's hammer. He then crashes into Grant far away, who is clutching a Smart Bomb, therefore detonating it.

Saying HelloEdit

"You know what?! I'm not even going to say hello to you anymore!" -Pakkery, Season 2, Episode 4

Pakkery appears once again in Episode 4, after Super64 and Princess H has gotten past Racist Mickey. He claimed to come to say hello, although Super64 questions why he wasn't delivering mail, to which Pakkery responded angrily, saying that he also had a life and how Super64 was a terrible person, then he threw a package (capsule) at Super64 and said that he wasn't even going to say hello anymore.

Then he exited the stage, leaving Princess H to question why Super64 could do such a thing, though in fact Super64 had not done anything offensive at all.


  • He uses the blue color of Pit.
  • He was the first character introduced in Season 2 (with a name) released to the fanbase.
  • His voice actor is SonicMega. Strangely enough, he is credited twice in the credits of Episode 1.
  • He, like the other new characters, has been well received by the YouTube community.
  • Pakkery is similar to the Rito mailmen of the The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and also bears a similarity in both name, occupation and flying ability to Parakarry, a paratroopa mailman from Paper Mario.
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