The Narrator is a new character in Season 2 who guides the audience. He introduces characters and seems to not really care for his work, saying that he still gets paid no matter what happens. He doesn't care about the characters, and constantly expresses ignorance, saying that Pakkery delivers messages to people "apparently. I dunno, I just read the script." He seems to think, or would like to think, he sounds richous. However, Princess H may have annihilated his self-esteem, as shown with the quote "Oh, but you'd never ask me. We never talk any more! You're always with him now! You don't deserve me! ( bed) WHO SAID THAT?!?!?!"


  • The Narrator is played by Double D-Mac.
  • Although Princess H thinks the narrator is annoying, she considers his voice to be very sexual.
  • The narrator has had interactions with four of the following characters. Super64 in the prologue, an unshown character in the prologue, Princess H in season 2, episode 3, and Lamp in "The Chronicles of Pimpachu and Lamp" episode 2.


  • "How do people keep getting in here?"
  • "Your not Suppose to break the Fourth Wall..."
  • " I'M NOT FAT!"
  • "Wait,wh... There's three more pages of this dribble! Hell, I'm not reading this..."
  • "But I'm the Narrator!"
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