I fight with honor.
Vital statistics
Title Honorable Fighter
Gender Male
Character Lucario, Formerly Mewtwo
Status Player

MewZERO is the person 1337f0x gets to train Super64, and first appears in Episode 9. Mainly uses Mewtwo with a blue color variation. In Beans, he appears for the first time as LuZERIO, a Lucario version of MewZERO. In Beans, 1337f0x brings a real version of Snake to him and he makes a speech about fighting with honor, though that doesn't turn out the way 1337f0x expected. He is voiced by Whitebladezero.

Physical AppearanceEdit

  • As MewZERO: MewZERO appears as the blue Mewtwo.
  • As LuZERIO: Since Brawl did not have enough time to include Mewtwo , MewZERO had to switch to Lucario, becoming LuZERIO. He is a silver Lucario


MewZERO/LuZERIO acts like a stereotypical Asian sensei: Wise, powerful, irritable, and humorously cynical, but a great person. He also believes strongly in honor, stating that he who fights with honor will always win. It's hard to guess what his age is, yet he sounds much older than the other characters, though this could just be role playing.

Character BiographyEdit

The TrainerEdit

"Let the training montage begin!" - MewZERO, Episode 9, Season 1

MewZERO seems to have known 1337f0x for a long time, and 1337f0x considers him a great fighter and trainer, which could suggest that MewZERO taught 1337f0x how to play Smash Bros. When Super64 needs to fight Killa7 with hacks, 1337f0x takes him to MewZERO for training. MewZERO proves to be a wise and stern trainer, and ultimately, a highly successful one, turning the n00b Super64 into a high-caliber Smasher, capable of going against the best.

The SaviorEdit

"All have helped you on your quest, and all will help you finish it." - MewZERO, Episode 10, Season 1

When Super64 defeats Killa7, Greg refuses to be banned. MewZERO then summons BlakBerri, PrinceRok, Pimpachu, Lamp, and Link to stop Greg, saying "All have helped you on your journey, now all shall help you finish it." (Except Link, who didn't attack Greg and had no clue why he was there) When Pimpachu starts going on a rant about how they were all friends, MewZERO tells him "shut up...I almost didn't bring you because of that." (In reference to Pimpachu's 'gangsta' speak)

The PhilosopherEdit

NOTE: This takes place in "Beans", a collaboration between three successful Brawl Machinimas, and may not be canon to Smashtasm. With Mewtwo no longer playable in Brawl, MewZERO becomes Lucario, his replacement, and adopts the name LuZERIO.

LuZERIO is met by 1337Fox and Brawlgasm Snake at Hyrule Temple, where he starts telling Snake how honor is supreme, and he can only win with honor. He then states, "If we fought right now, and I fought with honor, I would win, because honor is the ultimate key to victory.", to which Snake replies, "Yeah, I seriously doubt that, because while you were monologuing I stuck plastic explosives to your back". Surprised, LuZERIO says "What!? How dare you! You are a disgrace! I love you". Snake tells LuZERIO he doesn't ride like that, and LuZERIO tells him to leave, which Snake is fine by, because he wants to be as FAR away when these explosives go off, as they do blowing up LuZERIO.


  • LuZERIO being a silver Lucario may be a reference to Mewtwo, as Mewtwo is naturally white, which is close to silver. Interestingly, MewZERO was blue, which is the color Lucario normally is, though this was probably unintentional as Lucario hadn't been announced for Brawl by the time the character was introduced.
  • It is likely that LuZERiO will appear in, or have something to do with, season 2. This is because of his character seen in the opening and WhiteBladeZero (his voice actor) knowing of the new name for the character. LuZERIO did not appear in any part of Smashtasm except by being in one minor part in Beans getting a KO by Snake.
  • Since it is now possible to play as Mewtwo through hacking, it is possible that LuZERIO will become MewZERO again.
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