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Meta-Dark (The Puppeteer as he called himself in episode 4) is an antagonist that appeared in Season 2 of Smashtasm. He plays as Meta-Knight using the "Dark Meta-Knight" costume.

Character Biography Edit

Theme SongEdit

He is briefly seen in the theme song before his first appearance.

Unexpected MeetingEdit

As Super64 and Lamp are lost in New Pork City looking around, Meta-Dark walks in and shouts "Oh my God! It's Super64! Well, it's a good thing he can't hear me." Realizing that he was heard by Super64, he says that he can't be seen, but once again Super64 knows that he is there and Meta-Dark is forced to come over. While talking to Super64, he accidentally tells Super64 the fact that he knows where 1337Fox is, without Super64 even suspecting anything beforehand. Meta-Dark tries to escape using Dimensional Cape, but he just goes back and forth between 2 points. After doing this about 6 times, Super64 headbutts him out of the way, ending his part in the episode. Meta-Dark seems to work under Girem6 or other in-game hackers.

He's BackEdit

"Damn it! I'm so bad at this!" Meta-Dark, Season 2, Episode 4

He reappears in episode 4 to prevent Super 64 and Princess H from taking the 5th encrypted item. When he says he had a promotion it was obvious he works for Girem6. Super64 asks if he knows him and says if he won't attack him he'll just leave. Meta-Dark keeps on talking while Super64 leaves.

Trivia Edit

  • Meta-Dark's theme music was done by Dexterboy124, who also worked with Shippiddge and Guitarmasterx7 on Beans.
  • Meta-Dark's name was never spoken on the show as of yet (except calling himself a name), however his name was shown in the credits.
  • Meta-Dark was originally thought to be an extreme fan-boy of Super64 in his first appearance, but in Episode 4, he is confirmed to work for Girem6
  • He says "crap" the most in 1 episode. He is 1 of the 3 people who even says "crap". The other two is Super64 and 1337f0x.
  • He uses his B-down move alot, making him similar to Pimpachu.
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