I am the Hero of Time!
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Title Hero of Time
Gender Male
Character Link
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Link is a player of Smashtasm that uses Link. He believes that he is Link in real life. After the third episode and up until the eighth, every scene featuring Link has him trying to escape the DUMMY stage, where he was placed in, by 1337f0x via using a hack-ban. He finally gets out in Episode 8 after getting chased by KingKirb's army of Kirby Cousins.

Link is a well-liked character in the series.

Link often makes references to the three Goddesses of Hyrule, often saying things such as, "For the love of Din!" and "Oh, thank Nayru!" Link is voiced by Blade9932.


Link uses the character Link's default appearance due to the fact that he actually believes that he is Link.


Link's personality is confusing, because while Link believes he's the real Link, he also acknowledges the fact that Melee's a game. This suggests possible Schizophrenia, but it may just be serious role playing. Notable aspects include a smug overconfidence from being "the Hero of Time," and at one point demonstrated the ability to read Super64's mind. Link also seemingly follows the code of honor saying that a true warrior doesn't use weapons to win, despite Link's use of weapons in combat. Link will disobey the code because Link's weapons can hurt others. He becomes less intelligent as the series progresses.

Character BiographyEdit

The Noob, the Pro, the Hacker, and the WannabeEdit

[1]Super64 questions the recurrence of shields in Smashtasm.Added by Coraircate*"Death to you evil Ganondorf!" - Link, Season 1, Episode 2 {C When Super64 returns to Hyrule Temple, Killa7 is no longer there. Instead of finding his enemy, Super64 meets Link. Super64 and Link do not get along very well at first, so they decide to fight. Before explaining match rules, Super64 cheaply knocks Link out. Super64 also upsets Link by pointing out he's the only Hylian who wears a skirt. Link angrily tells him to obey or he will be banned. They discuss the rules and begin to fight.

After Link and Super64 battle, BlakBerri shows up, who Link believes in the real Ganondorf, and attacks, only to be thrashed. After Super64 learns that BlakBerri is a girl he informs Link. Link, who thinks he is the REAL Link, thinks that BlakBerri is Zelda in disguise, (not to be confused with Zelda of Smashtasm BS64) and runs in fear after BlakBerri tells him not to touch her (which doesn't make any sense). Soon afterwards, Super64 calls in 1337f0x to help himself fight BlakBerri, at which point 1337f0x hack-bans Link.

In The AbyssEdit

[2]Link, driven to insanity, attacks the infuriating Kirby Cousins.Added by Coraircate*"GAAAH! NO MORE!!!" - Link, Season 1, Episode 6 {C In the abyss, Link meets two Kirbys incapable of speaking. They just keep taunting over and over, which upsets him. Upon trying to leave, Link runs through several stages, only to wind up back where he started.

After some time, Link becomes fed up with the Kirby Cousins and their constant taunting, prompting him to attack. This causes them to take Link to their leader, a giant Kirby wearing Peach's crown named KingKirb.

The ChaseEdit

  • "Hey Kirbies! Hiii! Hiii!" - Link, Season 1, Episode 9

[3]Link, surrounded, resorts to taunting.Added by CoraircateKingKirb explains to Link that the taunting Kirbys are his cousins, who don't have microphones so they speak through gestures. He also explains that when they taunt over and over, they're just trying to be annoying (lol we're annoying). Link then foolishly states that he's glad he attacked, which gets KingKirb angry, making him so peeved that he and his cousins start to chase Link through Melee.

The chase crosses paths with the battle between Super64 and Lamp at one point, knocking Lamp off the stage and winning the match for Super64. Link is finally surrounded at Jungle Japes, where he manages to trick KingKirb into losing his crown by causing him to taunt (taunting get's rid of his copy ability), Angered and upset, KingKirb and his forces retreat.

Just when Link is starting to catch a break, another Kirby player (whom is not a cousin like the others he has encountered) appears and greets him, causing him to flee in fear, and confuse the player.


  • "Except for me! I don't even know how I got here!" - Link, Season 1, Episode 10

Link appears when MewZero brings all of Super64's friends to stop Greg during the Season 1 finale. He has no idea why he's here, and then is confronted by Lamp who can count to 5.


  • " Don't worry, friends! I'll send help, for I am LINK! THE HERO OF TI- Oooooohhh, shiny flying nut! "[4]1337f0x and Lamp come across Link.Added by Coraircate

Link was captured by Girem6 for unknown reasons, possibly as back up bait for Super64. 1337f0x and Lamp, disguised as Gront and "Lump," hear Link crying for help above. They quickly notice it's him and run to his cage. Upon seeing 1337f0x in disguise, he assumes he has become evil, in which 1337f0x denies it. After learning of him merely disguising himself, Link nearly begins a flashback and then denies having disguised himself. He is then freed, so he runs off. Shouting "Yippee" at Lamp, he wins a short competition which then causes Lamp to say the battle has yet to be won. Girem6 then takes the two of them back to their cell. When his saviors were re-captured, Link swore to save them, but was distracted by a shiny flying nut.

The New CaptainEdit

NOTE: These events take place in "Beans", a three-way crossover. Link's particular story takes place in the world of Wolf's Retarded Mission and Peach's Slutty Adventure, created by DexterBoy. It is unknown if the events that take place are canon to Smashtasm's main storyline.

"Oh, I get it, you're one of KingKirb's friends." - Link, Beans

Link is enjoying a day of questing when he comes upon a Deku Nut. Suddenly, a portal opens and he starts getting pulled towards it. He asks a Kirby to use its sucking powers to save him, but it turns out to be one of KingKirb's cousins. It sucks him in, but then spits him straight into the portal. Link then winds up on Wolf's Ship, where a mutiny has just occurred and Wolf has been thrown off and into a portal. Then Link is made captain of the group, and agrees thinking they are vigilantes and not mercenaries. Jigglypuff is hesitant and first, but then develops a crush on Link when she learns he enjoys destroying things. However, he soon falls off the ship when he learns they're not vigilantes. He lands outside of this world's Link's house, where Peach and Marth are looking for their Link, not knowing he's in another dimension. Link offers them Rupees if they can heal him, which Peach thinks is Indian money, convincing the two of them that Link's an immigrant. Marth then sends Link away in a sign of affection, and he winds up back on Wolf's ship. Link soon finds his way back to his own dimension where he runs into the Kirby from the beginning, stating that he hates this place. The Kirby replies "Don't worry Link, this place hates you too." in its sign language, which upsets Link, until he's reminded that he can't understand the Kirbys. His story ends with the Kirby calling him a retard and flipping him off. He later came into Skyworld and asked Super64 why he wasn't with him. Unexpectedly, Super64 leaves, angering Link.
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