I can count to five!
Vital statistics
Title Your friendly nebourhood Spider-Man
Gender Male
Character Black/Purple Samus
Status Player
Lamp is a forgetful character in Smashtasm, and is considered comic relief to most fans of the series. He constantly forgets what he says, and tends to say "Yippee" randomly. This apparently helps him count. He also has a pornographic memory, as revealed in the second episode of Season 2.

Super64 fought Lamp to receive a rap sheet from Pimpachu. Lamp however, lost unfairly, when multiple Kirbies ran over him. He also appeared in Beans, becoming somewhat of a trouble for Snake. Lamp is voiced by the creator of Life of Shy Guy, Matt Vargas.

Character AppearanceEdit


Lamp is first introduced.

Lamp is male, but plays as a purple Samus and stands out in a crowd due to being somewhat of an idiot (that is assumed to be very good at the game).


Lamp is revealed to be mentally retarded. He tends to say "Yippee!" and "Lamp" constantly, can count to five, claims to have a pornographic memory, and tends to forget most things he says, even from just a moment ago. It is unknown if this is stupidity, insanity, immaturity, ADHD, a combination of these, or a choice to fool others, though the last one seems incredibly unlikely. He also seems to frequent the internet, as he constantly references Shoop da Whoop whenever he uses his charge laser. In Season 2 however, the narrator says that Lamp is retarded. Lamp also seems to have an addiction to socks. For example, when Super64 says, "You're going to follow me anyway, aren't you?" Lamp replies, "People wear socks." in reference to a video Shippiddge liked (called "People wear socks").

Character BioEdit

Pimpachu's PalEdit


Super64 lands a cheap attack on Lamp.

"You'll pay for that cheap shot!!!" - Lamp, Season 1, Episode 8

Lamp and Pimpachu have known each other for a long time, and Pimpachu still isn't used to his forgetfulness. The full nature of their relationship is unknown, but Lamp appears to be a good friend and enforcer of Pimpachu's, referring to him as "Boss." In his first appearance, he fights Super64 on Pimpachu's orders. If Super64 wins, he gets Killa7's Rap Sheet. If Lamp wins, Pimpachu gets Super64's password. Lamp almost wins from superior skill, but is knocked off the stage by the Kirby Cousins who are chasing Link at the time, causing Super64 to win the match.

Super64's FriendEdit

  • "Yippee!" - Lamp, Season 1, Episode 10

Lamp doesn't appear again until the end of the season, helping Super64's other friends ban Greg, with Lamp finishing him off (I'm a firin' ma lazor!), then frightening Link.

A New JourneyEdit

  • "That's Lamp. He's one of Super64's friends. Also a plot device. Although I think his light went out a while ago...He's retarded. It's supposed to be funny..." - The Narrator, Season 2, Episode 1

Lamp distracts Grant and Gront.

Season 2 begins with Super64 setting out to find a hacker and getting attacked by grunts. Afterwards, Super64 is captured by Grant and Gront, two generic henchmen. When they're not paying attention, Lamp appears, and Super64 asks him to release him from his prison while Super64 will distract the guards. Instead, Lamp gets the brilliant idea of Super64 freeing himself from the cage while Lamp does the distracting, because he's really good at distracting people. Super64 tries to change his mind, but Lamp is already doing the distracting. ("I'm a distraction! I am distracting you!") While Lamp distracts Grant and Gront, a Snake player arrives and frees Super64, only so he can snap his neck. Freed, Super64 interrogates the two villains before they flee. Lamp then decides to join Super64 on his quest to find 1337f0x.

Actually Making SenseEdit

  • "Quack, quack." - Lamp, Season 2, Episode 2

Along with Super64, Lamp gets lost in New Pork City, where he saves Super64 from a Spam Bot (Disguised as a texture-hacked scantily clad Zero Suit Samus). Then, they run into Meta-Dark, who Super64 KO's after Meta-Dark gets annoying. Lamp wonders why Super64 didn't interrogate him. Then, he's KO'ed by Dark Sheik, and ends up in Girem6's base, where he is not noticed until he laughs evilly with Girem6 and Grant. Surprised, Girem6 asks, "Hey, how did you get in here?" Lamp responds, "I think the better question is: How did here get in me?" Girem6 has his guard, Giant Dark Bowser, imprison Lamp.

Captured Edit

  • "Uhh... People wear shoes?" - Lamp (as "Lump"), Season 2, Episode 3

Lamp takes on the persona of "Lump."

Lamp is thrown into a cell with 1337f0x, where they are taunted by a Dark Pit. After the Pit player leaves, Lamp tells his ally that he was once told what to do in this situation, triggering a flashback. In the flashback, a king tells Lamp that he will one day by trapped in a cage with a "furry," and to get out, Lamp must punch him in the face. Following his orders, Lamp punches 1337f0x, who argues that it solved nothing. This prompts Lamp to try it 4 more times. 1337f0x claims that he has a better idea though, and tells Lamp to change his costume. The Dark Pit returns, and the two trick him into letting them out, with 1337f0x pretending to be Gront, and Lamp calling himself Lump and parodying his own phrase of, "People wear socks," with, "People wear shoes." Soon after escaping, they meet Link, who has also been trapped. 1337f0x frees him, and Link and Lamp have a weird exchange of yippee noises, which is their own competition. Girem6 then appears and threatens them, and then (against the plea of 1337f0x) takes the two back to the cell, with Link promising to help before being distracted.


Note: This takes place in the crossover "Beans," which combines Smashtasm, Brawlgasm, and Wolf's Retarded Mission. Whether this is canon is unknown.

"Lamp!" - Lamp, Beans

Lamp meets the Brawlgasm Snake when he winds up in Smashtasm and travels with 1337f0x. Thinking he can extract information from Lamp, Snake interrogates him, which utterly fails as Lamp just acts as his usual random self. Later, when Snake leaves, 1337f0x states he'll miss him. When Lamp questions why, 1337f0x says he doesn't know, and the two laugh.

Other AppearancesEdit

The character Lamp has been well-received and has appeared in various videos.

The Chronicles of Pimpachu and LampEdit

"Oh my god! We're the first ones to get Brawl!" - Lamp, The Chronicles of Pimpachu and Lamp

The Chronicles Of Pimpachu and Lamp is a spin-off of Smashtasm created by Lamp's voice actor, Matt Vargas, and starring the two characters' original voice actors. It follows Pimpachu and Lamp's misadventures against Greg, his boss G.O.D., and Greg's sister EmoticonWolfXD, certified Smash professional. There is currently two episodes out and it is likely they will be the only ones of ther series.

Counting Time with LampEdit

  • "I'm going to teach you all how to count!" - Lamp, Counting Time with Lamp

Lamp appears in a video of his own entitled Counting Time with Lamp. He tries to teach the viewers, apparently young children, how to count, using Link as a useless volunteer (without him choosing to do so), but, after skipping 6 due to troubles, cannot get past 7. He then complains to Link, stating that he cannot handle the pressure that Link is applying to him. Link gets very stressed, even to the point of sobbing. Lamp then calls out Link's name six times while this is happening to get his attention. When Link finally turns around, Lamp utterly confuses him by simply saying "Hi!" Lamp then blasts him with his Zero LAZAH, killing him and ending the video.

Smashtasm: Christmas SpecialEdit

"Yeah, because in case you didn't know, people wear them!" - Lamp, Christmas Special


Lamp presents Super64 with socks.

The video begins with Super64 wishing Lamp a merry Christmas. Lamp replies, "Lamp! Merry Christmas, Super64!" He then tells Super64 that he got a gift for him, and returns with a pair of socks, in which Super64 thanks him out of politeness, but complains that Lamp's recurring obsession with socks gets old.

Lamp then vanishes as 1337f0x appears, and is not seen until the pictures at the end of the video appear.

Olimar's Epic Journey Edit

  • "Lamp" - Lamp, Olimar's Epic Journey episode 2

In a Brawl Machinima made by TaFutureBoy, Olimar's Epic Journey, after the Main Character, Olimar, asks who's going to replace his voice actor, Lamp comes out long enough to say his name, then disappears It turns out Lamp's voice actor, Matt Vargas, is the new voice actor for Olimar for the rest of the episode.

Smash Fighter Edit

  • "Ha ha ha! Firin' mah Lazah..." - Toast, Smash Fighter S2E3

In Tom Kitsune's Smash Fighter, Lamp, seen under the guise of "Toast", and Super64, seen under the guise of "Ultra128" (who are on a mission to rescue ch347f0x as opposed to 1337f0x), interrupts Meta Knight attempting to cross the street without looking both ways in a way that resembles part of the opening scene in Smashtasm Episode 2. Upon the two leaving, Meta Knight tries again only to be hit by Toast's laser and sent flying. After which, Toast leaves with Ultra128 leaving Toon Link to question what had just happened.

The Weegee InvasionEdit

  • "I can't stand the universes that have stereotypical freaks, racial wannabes, and brain -dead monkeys who can't solve simple mathematics!" - Weegee, The Weegee Invasion Episode 4

In Akuago220's Weegee Invasion, Lamp makes a brief appearance as the examples of people whom Weegee can't stand against. In his defense Lamp says that he's no monkey, but a people. ("I wear socks..."). Weegee taunts him by saying that he still can't count past 5, causing him to run off the stage, saying that Weegee is an "eye-boggling fatty".

Snakes on a PlaneEdit

Although Lamp technically didn't appear in the Smashtasm Extra, Snakes on a Plane, his voice, however, was heard saying the beginning speech, which was "The following movie contains foul language... bitch."



"Hey, Super64!!!" - Lamp, Episode 1, Season 1


Lamp stands with Super64.

Lamp met Super64 in Episode 8 of Smashtasm, and to this day Super64 is confused by Lamp's retardism. Super64 is often confused by Lamp's abrupt moments of intelligence as well. Super64 and Lamp are now good friends. Super64 respects Lamp's ability in battle, as Lamp may respect Super64's wit.


"Show him how much of a n00b he really is!" - Pimpachu, Season 1, Episode 8

Lamp and Pimpachu have been friends for ages. It is unknown exactly how they met, but Lamp listens to Pimpachu's orders and willingly calls him his boss. Pimpachu is still confused by his retarded moments.


"I'm scared! What am I supposed to be doing!?" - Link, Counting Time with Lamp

Lamp does not really know Link, but whenever Link is around Lamp, Link wants to cry. Link hates Lamp and his insanity, and this is definitely shown in Counting Time with Lamp.

Lamp is shown to see Link as a rival in Episode 3 of Season 2 when Link yells "Yippee" when freed and Lamp responses with his "Yippee" and then Link does one, the Lamp does one, then there is a pause, and then Link shouts the final "Yippee." Lamp responds by saying "You may have won the war, but the battle is just beginning."


  • Lamp actually has superb skills in battle, but this was only seen once when he lost to Super64 by being attacked by the Kirby Cousins.
  • Lamp seems to have an ability to do incredibly difficult things when nobody is looking, such as entering Girem6's lair undetected and joining in their laughter as if it were nothing.
  • Lamp's voice has undergone a major change since Season 1. It now sounds more human and less robotic.
  • He is the only male character who uses a female character.
  • Lamp seems to be unable to read 1337, as shown in Episode 3 where he calls 1337f0x "Thirteen Thirty-Seven F-Zero X." This could possibly be a reference to the N64 game, F-Zero X and possibly racer number 13 (there is no racer 37, or 31 for that matter. However, Captain Falcon is 37 years old). However, it could be a coincidence.
  • While disguised as "Lump," right before he and 1337f0x meet up with Link, he randomly shouts "Lump!" This is an obvious reference to how he tends to say his own name (Lamp) out of nowhere.
  • Matt Vargas just recently realized that Lamp is also a household object.
  • In TomKitsune's Smash Fighter, Kirby anounces he's Matt Vargas. He also acts like Lamp.
  • Lamp made a cameo appearence in Smash Fighter as Toast firing his laser at Meta Knight for not looking both ways while crossing the street. Later is called by "Ultra128" to find "Cheatf0x".
  • In Episode 3, Season 2, Lamp starts saying "In Bed". This might be a parody of "Thats what she said"
  • In the Smashtasm Extra, Snakes on a Plane, Lamp's voice can be heard saying the first line, which was "The following movie contains foul language... bitch."

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