KingKirb is the king of the Kirbys that live in the DUMMY stage. He

Enter KingKirb

only uses Giant Kirby, wearing Peach's crown. He is the only Kirby Player with a microphone; all of the others, his cousins, communicate through gestures.

Before the events in Smashtasm, KingKirb was a hacker that went through various servers with several of his cousins with the sole intent of annoying people. He was notorious for going into a server and constantly taunting other players, who, because of KingKirb's hacks, could not attack them. After countless weeks of KingKirb's sprees, the Admins finally found him and banned him, confining him and his cousins forever to a black stage. Right before his banishment, he quickly swallowed a Peach player. Ever since then, he has donned a crown.

When Link mentions to him about having attacked one of the Kirbys, he deems it unacceptable, and sends the Kirby clan after Link. Link, who was not actually banned, but merely hack-banned, was able to find a hole in the stage in which he was able to retreat to various other servers. Since KingKirb was following him, he was able to escape the ban, and, with his hacks, chase Link down. Within the next episode, the Kirbys appear again, still chasing Link, and in the process, the Kirbys KO Lamp, who is in their path, causing Super64 to win a match. In the end, Link is able to defeat KingKirb by tricking him into taunting, which made him lose his crown. Since KingKirb had worn his crown for so long, he had gotten used to being so unique and retreated to find another Peach player, vowing one day to return to get Link.

KingKirb is voiced by Skylar Falcon.

Fun FactsEdit

  • KingKirb also stars in Smashtasm BS64 created by BBsman22, but he is voiced by TomKitsune instead of Skylar Falcon.
  • KingKirb had a Jigglypuff player friend named Bubbles in Smashtasm BS64, but it was not completed, so no one knows what happened to Bubbles
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