HeHeHeeeee! I Am Invincible!!!
Vital statistics
Title The Tournament Noob
Gender Male
Character Bowser
Status Player/Troll
Killa7 shares the second to main antagonist of Smashtasm Season 1 after Greg. He plays as the standard Bowser. He is considered a noob by everyone, because he sets up fake tournaments in servers. Then, he sneaks up behind the unsuspecting newbies, and unleashes a "cheap shot" on them. He does this to bring up his rankings. He did this to Super64, an unnamed Luigi player and an unnamed Pichu player.

Killa7 is later in the season trained by Greg to use hacks, but defeated by Super64 and banned as a consequence along with Killa7. He is voiced by Arthas.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Killa7 plays as Bowser in his default colors.


Super64 about to finish Killa7

Super64 about to attack Killa7 before being stopped.

Killa7 is a n00b. He has very little idea how to play the game ("Where's the B-Up button!?") and is very sensitive. He tries to increase his rank by pulling the "Tournament Scheme", a trick where you invite n00bs to a fake tournament and KO them with a sneak attack the second they arrive. Because of this, he has gotten the title, "The Tournament Noob."

Based on his voice and because of his actions, he is assumed to be very young.

Character BiographyEdit

The Sneak Attack To RegretEdit

"Gwahahaha!" - Killa7, Episode 1, Season 1

Killa7 invites a new Mario player named Super64 to a tournament as part of his tournament scheme. Upon Super64's arrival, he knocks the newbie out of the stage and laughs maniacally. This is the last seen of the character for several episodes.

Super64 ReturnsEdit

"He got away!" - Super64, Season 1, Episode 4

After receiving information from BlakBerri on where to find Killa7, Super64 and 1337Fox find him just after he successfully uses the tournament scheme again. Surprised and horrified by Super64's return, Killa7 manages to get away while Super64 is telling him how he will not get away.

Tracked Down and Taken InEdit

"What? B-Up? I don't understand, Where's the B-Up button?!" - Killa7 Season 1, Episode 9

Killa7 continues his reign of terror for a while, until Super64 obtains his Rap Sheet and appears everywhere he runs to. Just when Super64 is about to exact his revenge on Killa7, 1337Fox shows up to stop him, and Greg takes Killa7 away. Unable to use hacks on each other due to causing server crashes, 1337Fox and Greg challenge each other to a hack battle with other players. The rules are that they must pick two n00bish players that they know and give them hacks. Greg attempts to train Killa7 himself, but complications arise due to Killa7's oversensitivity and incompetency at Smashtasm.

The Final ClashEdit

"I am invincible!" - Killa7, Episode 10, Season 1

At the Final Destination, Killa7 and Super64 are about to fight when Greg and 1337Fox make a bet: The loser is banned from Smashtasm forever, along with their trainer. Greg turns Killa7 into Giga Bowser, while 1337Fox powers up all of Super64's moves, making him Super Super64. After a long battle, Killa7 seemingly wins, but Super64 makes a surprise comeback and wins the battle. Greg tries to resist being banned, but is stopped by Super64's friends. Greg and Killa7 are then banned to the DUMMY zone, having nothing to look forward to except constantly being taunted by Kirbies.


  • It was thought unlikely he will reappear in Season 2, and it was confirmed by Shippiddge later. Killa7 will not be returning, due to him having a bad voice actor.
  • Killa7 seems to become a more capable player when he becomes Giga Bowser.
  • The name "Killa7" could be a reference to the game "Killer7."
  • The reason Killa7 plays as Bowser may be to reflect that Bowser is Mario's arch nemisis and the fact that Super64 plays as Mario.
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