Alan, bring up Super64 on the monitor.
Vital statistics
Title The Villain
Gender Male
Character Black Wolf
Status Hacker


Enter Girem6

Girem 6 is the main antagonist of Smashtasm after the first season, wanting to take over Smashtasm because his idol, Greg, was defeated by Super64, the protagonist of the series.

Girem6 formed his own hacker organization called the Gear Hack Force, and he is a Wolf Player that uses a voice modifier to sound menacing, and possibly to hide his true voice actor, as it is unknown as of yet.

The New VillainEdit

  • "This is the last time I hire gay guys to do a kidnapping job!" - Girem6, Season 2, Episode 2

Girem6 is shown to be behind 1337f0x's kidnapping and decides to do what his idol Greg failed to do only at a higher level: Hack into Brawl. He recruited many hackers into his army to create the Gear Hack Force, including Grant and Gront. He opted to kidnap 1337f0x so Super64 had a reason to find him and so he could get his revenge. He also sent Dark Sheik and Meta-Dark to try and lead Super64 astray. Meta-Dark failed but Dark Sheik succeeded. She led Super64 to a bottomless hole, but Super64 turned her good, making her reveal her true form: Princess H.

As it turned out, Girem6 was Greg the entire time.

I Got It BRAWL On TapeEdit

  • "I will kill you!" - Girem6, Season 2, Episode 3

After preventing the escape of 1337f0x and Lamp, Girem6 is back is his little lair, when Gront interrupts his thoughts with a request for Alan to change the channel on the monitor. Girem6 says not to do it, but Alan ignores him, changing the channel to I Got It BRAWL On Tape, a show that plays embarrasing clips. The first clip they play shows Girem6 admiring a dancing Jigglypuff. Immediately, Girem6 becomes angry and demands to know who sent in the clip. The TV announcer says the one who sent in the video was "Girem6's good buddy Grant." Grant quickly tries to deny everything, with Gront backing him up by saying that Grant is too dumb to have sent in the replay. Unfortunately, this provokes Grant to elaborately explains each step involved in sending in the replay. Girem6 gets angry and chases Grant offscreen. (Immediately afterward, the announcer comes back on and announces that it was really Gront that sent in the video.)



"Alan, bring up Super64 on the monitor." - Girem6, Season 2, Episode 2

Girem6 seeks revenge on Super64, due to him being the cause of the perma-ban of his idol Greg.


"I was just stretching!" - Grant, Season 2, Episode 2

He is convinced that Grant is gay because he saw him hugging Gront. Girem6 is always annoyed by Grant because he is very incompetent.


"Grant's just saying that because he doesn't want you to know how incompetent we are." - Gront, Season 2, Episode 2

Like Grant, Gront is another of Girem6's minions thought to be gay. While Gront is more competent than Grant, he is still looked down upon by Girem6.

They are known to train,rock climb,spar,and run/jog in place in episode 4.

1337f0x Edit

" Can't let you do that 1337f0x. " - Girem6, Season 2, Episode 3

When 1337f0x and Lamp are escaping with their disguise they are discovered by Girem6 while saying the famous line they are instantly captured again.


  • Despite the fact that his character isn't Snake and his lair isn't Shadow Moses Island, Girem6's name could be a pun on Metal Gear. Gire sounds like gear as in Metal Gear. The M could stand for metal. 6 could be for the 6 main ("evil") Metal Gears with the title Metal Gear, which include RAXA, TX-55, D, Rex, Ray, and Arsenal.
  • Another theory behind his name could be because his team of hackers is the "Gear Hack Force" and again, Gire sounds like Gear.
  • Also GIREM6 could be made into IMGRE6, which is partly 1337 (leet) for I'm Greg (IMGREG). Unfortunately, it's true in Episode 5.
  • This was his cover up behind his true identity.
  • His name is similar to Killa7, being five letters (two vowels and three consonants) followed by a number.
  • He likes the dancing Jigglypuff with a red flower on its head.
  • In episode 3, the quote "can't let you do that 1337f0x" could be a variation of Wolf's quote from Fortuna/Fichina of Starfox64 where he says "can't let you do that Starfox."
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