Extra characters only had one or two appearances and have little to no connection with the actual story.

Kirbo (Named through the script)Edit

Plays as Kirby, but with a grey color variation. Unlike the other Kirbys, Kirbo has a microphone. After Link tricks the Kirbys into retreating by tricking KingKirb into losing his crown, Kirbo approaches him and speaks, scaring him away. Kirbo is not actually one of the Kirby Cousins, and just appeared there by chance.

Generic Male Wire FrameEdit

When IGN released the Sonic and Tails Joke (which claimed you needed to defeat 20 Wire Frames in Cruel Melee, a next to impossible task, to unlock the two characters), PrinceRok believed the rumors and spent months fighting the Wire Frames and eventually began seeing them everywhere, possibly outside the server as well, as they taunted him. They are merely a figment of PrinceRok's imagination, however. They were not played by any voiceactors as they did not need to speak.

Unknown Zelda playerEdit

Possibly friends with Pimpachu - presumably because he is a pimp, she is his "hoe". She sticks up for Super64 when he wants to use items in his match with Lamp, but when Pimpachu headbutts her, she falls silent. Her voice actor was "PSL2004". Despite similar appearances, this character is not to be confused with Princess H.


Plays as Mario, but with a green color variation. He antagonizes Super64 as part of MewZERO's training program; specifically to help Super64 "resist intimidation". Super64 later beats him at the end of Episode 9. He was voiced by "Denten".

Unknown Yoshi PlayerEdit

Seen only during a transition scene for comic relief. Runs along the bottom of the screen swinging a Hammer (minus the head) and yelling, "Help! Help! I'm flailing a stick and I don't know how to stop!". The Yoshi was voiced by "Noobcake".

Unknown Ness PlayerEdit

Briefly shown being "pwned" by 1337Fox before he hears Super64's call for help during the match with BlakBerri. He did not speak, and therefore did not have a voiceactor.

Admin Male Wire FrameEdit

An administrator 1337f0x approached in his flashback - he tries unsuccessfully to ban Greg, but cannot due to Greg's hacks messing up the server. Not to be confused with the Wire Frame that PrinceRok fights. He was voiced by "Skylar Falcon".

Tyrannosaurus AlanEdit

In a parody of the famous Volvic Ad, Super64 is throwing fireballs into water to make it "hot and burning". A yellow Yoshi portrays Tyrannosaurus Alan, who, after quering what Super64 was doing, drank some of the water, which caused his throat to burn and spit out fireballs whilst he jumped around screaming "AAAH! MY THROAT IS ON FIRE AND IT HURTS REALLY BADLY!!!" (in horrible, horrible pain).

An evil incarnation of Tyrannosaurus Alan appears in season two, seemingly in control of Girem6's monitor. He tends to start his sentences with "ra" and speaks in an Australian accent. He is voiced by "Shippiddge". This Tyrannosaurus Alan is texture hacked by "ShonicTH".

Unknown Luigi PlayerEdit

Falls for the same trick Super64 falls for, except in the Great Bay. As a reoccuring joke, he begins with the same speech Super64 spoke before getting K.O'ed, however, like Super64, Killa7 KO'es him in mid-speech. He was voiced by "Mike the Weasel".

Unknown Pichu PlayerEdit

Like Super64 and Luigi, Pichu fell for the same Killa7 tournament trick, except this time on Yoshi's Island. Unlike those two, he never planned on introducing himself before getting KO'ed. He was voiced by "SuperSmashShows".

An AnnouncerEdit

This character in episode 5, just meant to speed along the story, was voiced by "Paycheck". The announcer described the adventure Link had, "Through the Forest Temple, past the Fire Temple..." to escape from the DUMMY Zone, only to wind up back where he started. The temples included in his narration were included in the adult timeline of Ocarina of Time.

Brent (Named through the script)Edit

Appears in the first episode of season two of Smashtasm and is depicted as a White Coloured Ness. He is confused when Super64 comes out of nowhere and says "And that’s how I defeated the evil Greg, saved the servers of Melee, and became a mod!" but vanishes before Super64 asks if he wanted to be friends.

Turty and RudyEdit

Characters in Dark Sheik's fantasy in episode three of Smashtasm (season two). Turty is a pure white Squirtle hacked to give the impression of flying, and was about to give Dark Sheik 5 wishes until she pointed out that he was an armadillo, not a turtle. Rudy was a texture-hacked Wario who randomly appears claiming to be a genius, to which Dark Sheik replies "Rudy, you're such a tool!"

Unknown Donkey Kong PlayerEdit

He appears while Super64 is questioning Dark Sheik if the Trap Portal was real or not. DK threw the Unknown Fox Player into the Trap Portal, and left, complimenting himself in an obvious way for his successful evil deed.

Unknown Fox PlayerEdit

He is tossed into the Trap Portal by the Unknown Donkey Kong Player. He was voiced by "TomKitsune". The player uses the same color outfit that Tom does in his series, Smash Fighter, suggesing his appearance was a cameo.

Dark Pit PlayerEdit

He is the guard of 1337f0x and Lamp's cage, who enjoyed taunting them but was fooled by the Gront and Lump disguises.

Unknown Jigglypuff PlayerEdit

Appeared in the tape Gront sent in to "I Got It Brawl On Tape!". Not much is known about her, except that Girem6 thinks she's cute.


In episode 4 he appeared as a Red Coloured Sonic who appeared simply to cause general confusion. Future also appeared in Grant and Gront's Caketastic episode. After the Kirby shopkeeper said there were no red sunset eggs, Future purchased one to negate that fact.