Dinnertopia image
Lamp encounters The Watermelon Monster
Vital statistics
Type Flashback
Level Bridge of Eldin hack?
Location Dinnertopia
Inhabitants Unknown

Dinnertopia appears in Episode 2 of Smashtasm (season two) in a flashback belonging to Lamp. It is unknown if this realm actually exists anywhere but in Lamp's imagination, but it is shown to be a huge influence on his actions.


After Lamp saves Super64 from a Spambot, he reminisces to Super64 about the time he saved a realm called Dinnertopia. The Dinnertopian King (created through a Stack Smash King Harkinian/Zelda CD-i hack) begs for Lamp's to help in defeating The Watermelon Monster (a Giant Subspace Bowser hack with a bad microphone). The Watermelon Monster (claiming to be going to eat them) arrives and Lamp saves them all by summoning a Super Pikachu (a Stack Smash Pikachu with Captain Falcon's moveset hack) who defeats the Watermelon Monster simply by spinning in midair. As a reward, the Dinnertopian King proclaims Lamp must marry his daughter (played by Princess Peach and with a male voice) and Lamp summarises that it was "all in a day's work."

Dinnertopia appears to be a cartoon texturised version of the Bridge of Eldin stage. As stated before, this land only seems to exist in Lamp's memories, and so is presumable to not exist at all. Lamp later uses "advice" given to him by the King to "escape" from Girem6's lair with 1337f0x.

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