"Cue the Lights & Cut the Audio"
Vital statistics
Title Cloudy
Gender Male
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Status Relatively Unknown

Cloudy is the voice actor of Greg, the antagonist of Smashtasm Season 1. He is also the creator of both comic series: "Auditions" and "Comicles" (Discontinued).

Cloudy is a practicing Architecture Student who has a hobby in Acting and Voice Acting. He is also Private Practice in Web Design.

Other Voices of CloudyEdit

  • Smashtasm: Greg
  • The Chronicles of Pimpachu and Lamp: Greg
  • Brawl Showdown (Episode 3): Greg
  • Seeker: Sniper


  • Cloudy discontinued Comicles after 222 issues once he found the lack of viewers not worth the effort.
  • Cloudy returned to Season 2 after Girem6 was revealed to be Greg
  • Cloudy did this Wikia profile himself.
  • Cloudy is a featured member of the Crossfire Crew.

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