I challenge you to a Maylee!
Vital statistics
Title Certified Smash Professional
Gender Female
Character Ganondorf
Status Player

BlakBerri is a certified Super Smash Bros. professional in the world of Smashtasm. She claims so in her first appearance in Episode 2. After battles against Link, Super64, and 1337Fox, she helps Super64 out, and isn't seen again until the final episode.

Shippiddge confirmed she will not reappear in Season 2 because her voice actor's computer broke down. She is voiced by Archie Emerald.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Despite being a female, Blakberri plays as Ganondorf in his default colors, leading most characters to believe she's a male before hearing her voice.



BlakBerri reveals she's female.

Blakberri is a certified Smash professional, making her very confident. She is usually a very happy person, laughing quite often, and is helpful to those who need it. She hates being underestimated just because she's a girl though, and is bad at making insults (such as calling Super64 "Mr. Toilet Man" because Mario's a plumber). While no means dumb, she can come off as slightly air headed, such as a complete inability to understand 1337Fox and mispronouncing the word "Melee" as "Mel-ee" instead of "May-Lay".

Character BiographyEdit

The Queen of SmashEdit

  • "Don't take this too offensively, but, YOU SUCK!!!" - BlakBerri, Season 1, Episode 3

BlakBerri first appears silently during the battle between Link and Super64. Link rushes off to defeat her, as he genuinely thinks she's Ganondorf. Super64 thanks her for her assistance, at which point she reveals herself to be a female certified Smash professional. Super64 starts laughing about how Link got owned by a chick and Link thinks that Ganondorf is just Zelda in disguise. Because of Super64's taunting Blakberri is prompted to attack him. Super64 calls 1337Fox to save him, and a battle ensues between the two, ending in a tie. After mocking Super64 along with 1337Fox, Blakberri then tells them about Killa7, how the admins have been after him, and where to find him. The two leave, at which Blakberri says to herself, "Idiots".

Serving JusticeEdit

  • "HeeYA!!!" - BlakBerri, Season 1, Episode 10

Blakberri is later summoned by MewZERO along with PrinceRok, Pimpachu, and Lamp to ban Greg. Blakberri strikes the first blow with a Guerdo Dragon, then disappears.


  • Although she says she's a certified Smash Professional, she's never seen fighting ONSCREEN, minus against Super64(however only a small portion of the battle was shown), and Super64 says that she was impressive in her fight with 1337Fox.
  • Despite mispronouncing the word "melee" as "mel-ee" in the main series, BlakBerri pronounced it correctly in the bloopers, although it might be because she is scripted to mispronounce it in the main series while pronouncing it correctly in the bloopers.
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