1337f0x approaches the admin, here depicted as a Male Wire Frame.

Not to be confused with the admins of the Smashtasm Wiki.

The Administrators (or admins for short) are professional players who have been appointed to moderate and banish any troublemakers in the servers of Smashtasm. They generally appear as Male Wire Frames (season one) or Alloys (season two) and there is only one account of them being voiced.

History in SmashtasmEdit

Admins were appointed to the Melee version of Smashtasm when players started hacking it for personal gain. Their main job was to monitor the game's servers and ban the hackers to the black abyss known as the DUMMY stage. Although they were able to do their job for quite some time, the admins would eventually fall back due to the overabundance of persistent hackers. However, after Greg and Killa7 were banned by Super64 and his friends, the admins gained confidence and rid Smashtasm of the remaining hackers.

After Smashtasm was updated to the Brawl version, the admins were depicted as Alloys and continued to protect Smashtasm from potential hackers. To ante up security, they appointed the game's most trusted players as moderators, or mods for short.

Smashtasm (Melee)Edit

The first time an admin is seen is in Episode 5, during 1337f0x's flashback. The admin seen here attempted to ban the evil hacker Greg, but failed to do so. It was revealed much later that admins had to be appointed to end the free reign of hackers that began spawning shortly after Smashtasm began. Since then the admins have served essentially as the police of Smashtasm, banishing "criminals" to the DUMMY Stage "prison."

All known admins are Male Wire Frames. It's possible this is done as a form of distinction, so players immediatelly know this person is an admin, however, admins can also look the same as other normal players if they choose to. It should also be noted that the admins are separate from the Wire Frames that PrinceRok imagines, as these illusions spawned from the well-known Unlock Sonic & Tails April Fools joke.

Smashtasm (Brawl)Edit

So far admins have played only a very minor role in the second season of Smashtasm, due to the small number of episodes. Due to the Wire Frame character not reappearing in Brawl, they are now represented by Red Fighting Alloys. Only one admin is seen briefly in the prologue, appointing Super64 the position of moderator.

Smashtasm BS64 Edit

The character Bubbles is an admin, however, he is shown to behave much differently than other admins do; firstly, he simply uses a blue Jigglypuff rather than a Fighting Polygon, which is most likely what an Admin would look like if the pattern is consistent - secondly, he is seen going directly against his duties (banning trouble-making players), and even joining in the mischief.